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infinias Intelli-M Access Corporate Access Control Software


Provides convenient, remote multi-tier management

  • Provides remote multi-tier management for decentralized management and centralized administration
  • LDAP integration for Active Directory synchronization
  • Calendar integration with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
  • Requires the purchase of a pre-installed copy of Intelli-M Access, or the purchase of S-BASE-KIT for new installs
  • Requires certification from infinias in order to purchase and install
  • Supports up to 64,000 card holders
  • Unlimited door licensing
  • Browser based interface
  • Advanced Rules Engine
  • Features: Momentary Unlock, First In, Lockdown and Live Muster

Building upon the combined capabilities of Intelli-M Access Essentials and Intelli-M Access Professional, Intelli-M Access Corporate delivers multi-tier management capabilities for centralized administration and decentralized management. Multi-tier management provides easy and convenient decentralized control of card holders and credentials while maintaining centralized control of schedules and system administration.

Building upon the power and flexibility delivered with Intelli-M Access Essentials, Intelli-M Access Professional adds LDAP integration for Active Directory synchronization and calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange or Google Calendar. This integration provides seamless synchronization and simple solution for ad hoc scheduling requirements.

The software allows you to view, monitor and report on any or all events and alarms; define multiple security roles, access privileges, schedules and holiday sets and use the powerful ″rules engine″ to define customized ″First In″ and ″Lockdown″ features for convenient access control management.

The software also provides elevator control requires the purchase of ″S-1032-RM″ or ″S-IO-RLY16RM″ I/O panel and video integration with a variety of manufacturers including: DIGIOP, Pelco Digital Sentry, Exacq, American Dynamics, Vicon and Milestone.

The software supports up to 64,000 card holders, an unlimited number of events, and includes unlimited door licensing—saving you money.

This software is ideal for:

  • Medium to large-sized multi-tiered enterprises with multiple locations

What′s Included:

  • 1 Software DVD with Intelli-M Access Professional

This software requires certification from infinias to purchase and install. This product also requires the purchase of an already installed copy of Intelli-M Access, or the purchase of item # ″S-BASE-KIT″ Intelli-M Access Essentials for new installs.

Key Features:

Browser Based Interface- Convenient remote access. Data is accessible from any standard browser that supports JavaScript, including most tablets and smart phones, without having to log into the software.

Unlimited door licensee – Provides cost savings and scalability. Unlimited door licensing provides a consistent and predictable upgrade path for future expansion.

No Client Software – Provides cost savings. Eliminates the need to purchase, configure, maintain or update client software—saving you time and money.

Multi-tier Management – De-centralized, remote multi-tier management. This feature enables you to achieve decentralized, remote multi-tier administrative management and simplified, centralized administration.

LDAP integration – Real-time LDAP updates at the door. This feature provides Active Directory integration and synchronization for easy access control administrative management and real-time LDAP updates at the door.

Calendar Integration – Seamless calendar integration for easy scheduling. The calendar integration feature provides seamless integration with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange for easy schedule management. You can manage ad hoc lock and unlock schedules for any zone automatically without ever having to log into Intelli-M Access Professional.

People & Groups – Easy management. Manage people, groups, roles, privileges and credentials from a single screen.

Search – Simplifies searching for people. Search for people by first name, last name, badge number or other specified information. The results are intuitively narrowed down as you type, while backspacing expands the results.

Get Events – See exactly where someone has been. Quickly pinpoint where a person has been.

Custom Fields – Enter important user information. Create and use any number of custom fields for people, so you can enter as much information as needed about them to meet your requirements.

Custom Fields – Enter important user information. Create and use any number of custom fields for people, so you can enter as much information as needed about them to meet your requirements.

Live Muster - Displays the image of cardholders. Display the image of cardholders in ″zones″ configured for muster monitoring for easy tracking and identification.

Badging – Convenient badge creation. Select available badge designs when you create and assign a ″Person″ and print badges for that person.

Door Status - Improve monitoring. Status icons provide improved door status monitoring. Hover over an image in the legend to bring up a tool tip that explains the icon.

Auto Discovery - Simplify configuration. Auto discovery of door controllers makes configuration easy. Any additional doors added to the system at a later date can benefit from auto discovery as well.

Zones - Simplify privileges and management of zones. Group doors and classify them by the areas they grant access to, simplifying privileges and zone management.

Badges and Reports - Run reports and create badges. Intelli-M Access uses Microsoft's SQL Server Reporting Services to host badges and reports. Many IT groups already use this solution internally and have their own SQL expertise.

Microsoft Report Builder 3.0 – Design badges and create reports. Design badges and create a variety of reports. The report suite can be managed and hosted independently of Intelli-M Access if desired.

Weekly Schedules – Convenient access scheduling. Each door controller/door supports up to 254 schedules with a Sunday-Saturday, 24 hour schedule that will repeat each week. Each schedule can have multiple time slots such as 4am-7am and 3pm-9pm on the same day.

Holidays – Create exceptions to a schedule. Holiday sets allow you to create groups of days that are the exception to a schedule, allowing you to keep doors locked or unlocked on holidays within a schedule. Each schedule can have up to 7 different holiday sets, with the most common being full days and half days.

Rules Engine – Expand capabilities. The rules engine enables Intelli-M Access Professional to deliver enhanced features that can be tailored to your specific needs. This includes 3 major components: events, filtering and actions.

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